Caring for your new Tattoo


Healthy Care & Healing

An hour or two after getting your new tattoo, remove the plastic wrap and gently wash your tattoo with HOT water and antibacterial soap. (It's probably going to sting!! Start warm and turn up the heat slowly). Rinse with hot water for 10 minutes. Gently pat dry and apply a very small amount of aftercare ointment, leaving no sticky layer.
You may choose to keep the tattoo wrapped for the first 2-3 days. This is OPTIONAL. If you choose to do this, it imperative that you remove the wrap twice a day and gently wash and re-apply both the aftercare and fresh plastic wrap. KEEP IT CLEAN!!

After the first 3 days, switch to a high quality, unscented lotion. Look for a lotion with the dermatologist approved logo or use a tattoo specific product.  Apply a small amount of lotion 2-3 times daily for the rest of the healing process. Again, be sure to wash the tattoo each time before the lotion is applied. Usually 2 times a day will be plenty. 

You may notice flaking or peeling. This may resemble the flaking and peeling of a sunburn but the flakes will likely contain ink. This is normal. Avoid applying too much aftercare ointment or lotion. Remember not to touch, pick, or scratch at your new tattoo. Avoid sun exposure or tanning. This can cause damage and scarring to your new tattoo and can be costly to touch up. 

Remember to always wash your hands thoroughly before touching your healing tattoo. Also taking a good multivitamin can be helpful in speeding up the healing process.

Slather Yourself

Area 52 carries Hustle Butter! And, we swear by it!
Once your tattoo is finished, we will cover it with Hustle Butter. It is a coconut oil based salve that promotes healing and soft, smooth skin. We highly recommend taking some of this miracle cream home with you for an easy to apply method of aftercare. You won't be sorry.